History of Bunyad Consultant Pvt Ltd

Mr. Syed Hasan Bunyad (Late) had started Quantity Surveying, Construction Cost Consultancy and Construction Manager under the name of Q.S. Consultants in 1983. Q. S. Consultants is the pioneer Quantity surveying company in Pakistan. He had earned a solid reputation in this field with experience of cost planning, project monitoring and expert witness work.

In 2012, Mr. Bunyad expanded his business, by forming an employee-owned company named Bunyad & Associates (Pvt.) Ltd., which is now Bunyad Consultant (Pvt.) Ltd. and make partner of his two dedicated employees Mr. Ahsan Ali Khan & Mr. Muhammad Irfan.

Bunyad have managed and introduce the Quantity Surveying practice as an independent Consultancy in Pakistan. With a fairly active marketing campaign and continuous working with Architects, Consulting Engineers, Builders & Developers to fulfilling their requirements. They have brought the knowledge and awareness to the Industry and providing services during last four decades. This awareness to the industry has provided a substantial growth and employment opportunities to the nation.

Bunyad have 40 year experience to working with local and International Clients/ Consultants/ Architects And served not only in Pakistan but also worked in UAE, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and Canada.